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FFP2 virus filtering respirator

The atemious pro is a premium respiratory protection mask manufactured and developed in Germany for highly effective self and foreign virus protection of the respiratory tract for professional use.

The atemious pro meets the strict requirements of the FFP2 sample test guidelines in the CE standard and thus provides effective protection against solid and liquid aerosols according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009. Our own demands as well as the predicate Made in Germany require an uncompromising product quality. The atemious pro not only offers reliable safety, the mask also opens a new chapter in wearing comfort. Respiratory resistance, skin compatibility and ear traction have been optimised in extensive practical tests for professional everyday use.

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What counts are the inner values

It is not only in the medical sector that insufficient filter performance poses a high health risk due to the supposed safety.

For this reason, every effort was made in the development of the atemious pro to achieve above-average filter performance. According to the sample test report, the filter performance easily exceeds the required values of the FFP2 standards. This clearly distinguishes the German quality product from the anonymous mass product. The atemious pro is subject to the requirements for personal protective equipment in risk category III of the PPE Ordinance.

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atemious pro - Comfort for your breath

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The high art of breathing comfort combines above average filter density with the lowest possible breathing resistance.

Particularly in the permanent use of medical forces, the  exhalation resistance plays a central role in keeping lung stress and thus fatigue to a minimum.With an average breathing resistance of 170PA, this is almost half of the prescribed 300PA for the atemious pro.

The art of the lowest breathing resistance

Highly effective four-layer material composite (non woven)

The decisive filter layer in the material composite of the atemious pro respirator consists of meltblown. A sophisticated substance that essentially has the ability to filter out the 0.12 micron viruses.

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Derma fleece ensures dermatologically compatible wearing comfort.

The atemious pro was developed with experts for professional everyday practice. Besides density, wearing comfort also plays an essential role. The inner moisture-absorbing derma fleece combined with the ergonomic fit is particularly kind to the skin. The comfort fleece insert supports the smooth fit of the mask. The procurement of the earbands through the high-quality ErgoFlex material also contributes to a carefree mask everyday life.

Technical data
Average filter performance
larger than 97%
Average breathing resistance
lower than standard 57%

Product features of the breath genius atemious pro



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Airtight stabilisation welding

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Inlay Nosebridge

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Ergonomic tight fit Fit

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Four layers of composite welding

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Certification and quality assurance

In order to produce highly filtering and thus effective respiratory protection masks, an innovative manufacturing process is required, and in order to market them a certification from an independent but state-accredited body. Continuous, complete and traceable monitoring of the manufacturing process and the materials used ensures that each individual mask protects the wearer. Therefore, the certification process also includes on-site inspections during production.


Particle filtering half masks (FFP masks) are items of personal protective equipment (PPE) within the scope of occupational health and safety and are intended to protect the wearer of the mask from particles, droplets and aerosols. Of course, these masks can also be worn in private surroundings. FFP stands for Filtering Face Piece. There are three filter levels: FFP 1, FFP 2 and FFP 3 The design of the particle filtering half-masks is different. There are masks without exhalation valve and masks with exhalation valve. Masks without a valve filter both inhaled and exhaled air and therefore provide both self-protection and external protection, although they are primarily designed for self-protection only. Masks with a valve only filter the inhaled air and therefore offer no protection against foreign bodies. They therefore make no sense in dealing with the corona pandemic, but are helpful in demanding, toxic working environments by making it easier to exhale.

FFP2 masks may be used at pollutant concentrations of up to 10 times the occupational exposure limit value (OEL). They protect against harmful particles based on water and oil, not against carcinogenic substances or radioactive particles. The total leakage (leakage) is a maximum of 8%, at least 94% of the pollutants are filtered from the air. Univent’s FFP 2 masks exceed this filtering performance and, thanks to tight control, are at least 96% filtering performance and higher. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommends FFP2 masks and FFP3 masks for the treatment and care of patients with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The statutory accident insurance stipulates that when handling airborne biological agents – the latter include the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 – reusable respiratory masks marked “R” for “reusable” may only be used once or for a maximum of one work shift. Tests in Univent Medical’s UniLab have shown that re-use of FFP masks is not advisable, as treatment in hot water, oven or microwave has been shown to significantly reduce filter performance. At present, there is no filter material that can be incorporated into the carrier materials of FFP masks to sufficiently maintain its filtering properties during cleaning.

Filtering Face Piece

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Packaging units

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Made in Germany

Gain an insight into the production operation of the atemious pro breathing masks. Made in Germany after strict supervision of compliance with medical hygiene regulations.

Mask knowledge

Latest studies, expert opinions and background knowledge

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Certification and quality assurance

In order to produce highly filtering and thus effective respiratory protection masks, an innovative manufacturing process is required.

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